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LOUISVILLE, Kentucky- August 2, 2011Integral Research and Development recently launched its brand new application, Toast Invoice, a free invoicing application that enables users to invoice clients, manage payments and contacts right at your very own desktop or iPhone device.

Toast invoice is a free invoicing application that enables users to sync their data across platforms including the iPhone and the web. “Toast Invoice lets you manage invoices, clients and payments in the cloud. The best part of this application is that it is absolutely for free!” quotes Maria Elena Duron, Marketing Director for Integral R&D.

When it comes to managing clients, inventory and billing matters, every detail counts. Toast Invoice is best for consultants, freelance professionals, and self employed individuals who are always on the go. With the release of the new Toast Invoice iPhone app, users can now access their accounts from their desktop or from their iPhone handset. The application is also compatible with other Apple gadgets such as the iPod touch, iPad and iOS 3.1.

For freelance self employed professionals who need to invoice their clients, track payments and manage their clients’ contact information, Toast Invoice is a solution that helps you make the most out of your time. The application also features right click context menus that enhances productivity and workflow. Toast Invoice also features a user friendly platform that allows for easy navigation and performance.

The Toast Invoice platform for iPhone features five main buttons: dashboard, clients, invoices, payments and tools. The Dashboard gives you a summary of the total invoice sent and paid for duration of time. It also shows a user’s open and closed invoices. The application also allows you to store client data which may include name, contact number, email address, and etc. The invoice button shows the open and closed invoices separately. Overall, the iPhone app navigates easily and will not require any expertise. First time users can easily go with it.

Toast Invoice also features a user friendly web platform that allows users to manage their invoices, client information, payments and etc. Toast Invoice is a simple, efficient and productive tool even without using your other set of books. You get to create professional looking invoices in only a few minutes after installation. Try Toast Invoice for yourself here:

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