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AutoResponder Plugins 5.9 for Joomla! – New Releases from Intellispire

The Intellispire team has been working hard updating our entire line of plugins, and the result is finally here. We are happy to announce that our entire line of autoresponder plugins have been updated to version 5.9, supporting the Joomla! 1.5 through 3.0!

Enhancing your Joomla! website with one of these popular and highly effective autoresponder and email marketing services, AWeber, Constant Contact, iContact, GetResponse, Mail Chimp or Campaign Monitor has never been easier.

How do the Plugins Work?

Conceptually, the plugins are very simple. When a member signs up at your website using the standard Joomla! registration form – or any extension that is compatible with that form (most are, including VirtueMart), Joomla! tells the plugin that a new person has registered. The plugin then calls out to the auto-responder service, and provides the members Name, Email and other information to the service. The service then handles that just like a regular sign up.

You can then use the service to send out email newsletters, notices, reminders or to put the member on a “drip” campaign so they get timed messages you’ve setup.

The plugins do have an additional option, however. Usually, you want to collect the customers email as soon as they register on your site. However, sometimes you want to wait until after they have clicked the confirmation link in the email that Joomla! sends out when the “New Account Activation” is enabled (Global Configuration | System | User Settings).

In this case, you can have the system wait until the link is clicked before adding the member to the email service. Simply change the “Subscribe When” setting in the plugin from “Immediate upon Registration” to “User Activates Account”. This works great for confirmed opt-in applications.

Key New Features in v. 5.9

Since the basic concept of all plugins is virtually the same, the features are also very similar, only their associated mailing tools differ.

One thing you will enjoy for sure is that the plugins have been updated to work with the most recent Joomla! release, so that you can benefit from these plugins no matter what version you are using.  Our updated plugins work great with Joomla! 1.5 through 3.0.

Additional Features include:

  • PHP 5.2 , 5.3 and 5.4 compatibility – This makes sure that your plugins work great with the latest PHP versions, so you know that your site will run smoothly, regardless of what updates your host makes to the servers.
  • Cross-version Joomla! compatibility – It doesn’t matter if you use an old Joomla! platform or if you’ve just updated to the latest version. The Intellispire plugins work great with Joomla! 1.5 through 3.0.
  •  Ability to retrieve member IPs – If you have JomSocial active, our plugins will send your members’ IP addresses to a JomSocial field. A very powerful tool when you run local campaigns.
  • Additional sign up options – Lets you choose if members are registered straight away or only after they click the confirmation link. Our iContact and Mailchimp plugin  comes with single or double opt-in settings, specific to this service.
  • Request and Response fields – These fields allow you to see the exact request that is being sent by our plugin to the mailing service; and also the response it gets. Really useful when you want to make sure that everything runs smoothly.
  • Standard Joomla! “events” compatibility – The plugins work great with Community Builder and JomSocial; and should also work with any other extensions using the standard “events” APIs in Joomla!.
  • Stability and Reliability – Crucial assets which add up to the other smart features that make our plugins great!

Our line of AutoResponder Plugins now include:

Joomla! AWeber Plugin
Joomla! GetResponse Plugin
Joomla! Constant Contact Plugin
Joomla! iContact Plugin
Joomla! Mail Chimp Plugin
Joomla! Campaign Monitor Plugin

If you are looking to talk with an email system that is not listed, go ahead and add it to the feedback page and we’ll look at getting it on the engineering schedule. You can find the feedback page by clicking the “Feedback” link in the lower-right of the Extension Web Store.

Remember, you can try any of our plugins, risk free, with a full money-back guarantee. Most of our partners also have trial periods, so you can set up the system and make it work for you.

Would you like to know more? Do you have feedback or comments? We would be happy to hear from you. Drop us a line below, on Twitter or on the Intellispire support desk; and our support team will be more than glad to help.

Stay tuned, more products coming soon…!

Intellispire Development Team

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