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MWG-Marketing Website Generator


MWG is flexible membership and subscription management software.

The Marketing Website Generator is top of the line subscription management, affiliate promotion and membership management software designed specifically for the unique challenges faced by online marketers.

  • Management: With MWG, you can setup paid membership areas of your website.
  • Affiliate Tracking: Your websites can really take off with built in affiliate and JV tracking, promotion tools and complete affiliate management.
  • OpenSource: Released under the GNU/GPL, their is never a fee for the core software. Run on as many sites as you like, purchase only the add-ons you need.

Subscription Management

  • No Limits: MWG is flexible membership and subscription management software. With MWG, you can setup paid membership areas of your website with unlimited membership levels – for unlimited potential.
  • Unlimited Memberships: Unlike many content management systems, you have the flexibility to setup unlimited membership levels, and unlimited price points for each level. Let your customers choose the exact membership and price-point that is comfortable for them, and increase your revenue by offering premium services.

Affiliate Marketing

  • Viral Marketing: With powerful members affiliate tools, any MWG-powered website can “go viral”, where members refer other members for a never ending stream of new leads and customers with little additional effort on your site. Some would argue that taking a website “viral” is the ultimate online marketing success.
  • Joint Ventures: Two levels of built in Joint Venture management allow you to create customized marketing promotions tailored to your joint venture partners. Change the payout percentage, track sales, and uprgrade members all from within the full admin area.

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Better Conversions. Increased Revenue.

The all new Marketing Website Generator features the most most advanced marketing software we’ve ever released. With built in subscription management; unlimited membership levels; a plethora of plugins (we call them Gizmos); up to 2 levels of Joint Venture partners; a wide array of one-time offers, upsells, downsells and log in messages; plus complete affiliate and downline tracking; MWG has enough power and flexibility for every professional marketing website.

Along with the wide array of layout and flexibility options, MWG also features powerful dynamic functionality through Gizmos including video players, SEO optimization, social bookmarking, corner ad peels, countdown timers and much more.


You’ve seen wordpres pluginss, joomla plugins, Google gadgets, modules, mambots and lots of other extension names. Think of a Gizmo as “plugin on steroids”, and you’ll be close.

MWG is a different animal, and has needs that are different from most of those other platforms, which, without lots of work, frankly aren’t very good at helping you to make money.

A Gizmo is the way you that you add functionality to the MWG site. It gives programmers full access to the underlying object and event models, allowing for both ‘displayable’ and ‘behind the scenes’ changes to the page (if you care, we’re moving to a request-response model in the code).

That’s some tech-ese for ‘a Gizmo let’s us do really cool stuff’.

For example change the title, description, and keywords of any page, verify with Google and Yahoo!, and add google analytics code to all your pages – all from a single Gizmo (The Webmasters Power Gizmo does all this and more).

The fact that you, the website owner, can do all this just by installing an extension and not touching ANY code, is just really cool.


MMWG also supports other types of extensions, in addition to Gizmos. “Components”, similar to Joomla! components, are nearly stand-alone programs that can be integrated inside of of the MWG software. A popular example is the Filemanager.

In addition, other types of extensions are possible. The phpBB3 Bridge for MWG is one example. Third party extensions are available as well.

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Full Feature List

Marketing Website Generator continues the chain of impressive, revolutionary, yet functional software from Intellispire. It combines incredible extensibility with refined and powerful code to help your website achieve its maximum potential.

  • Actively Developed and supported Open Source Software
    Unencoded, GPL licensed open source software means you can use the software for all your websites without having to pay additional per-site licensing fees. Both our company (Intellispire) and other third party developers are hard at work improving both the main software (“core”) and additional extensions. Support is available through the community forums, and support contracts are also available. There is no proprietary lock-in with MWG.
  • MWG Exclusive Extension Manager
    MWG is the only butterfly-based software to support true extensions. Install components, plugins, themes and Gizmos directly from the web, upload them from your local computer, or install with Intellispire’s innovative “one click” installation process.
  • MWG Exclusive Gizmos!
    Gizmos are plugins to the MWG site that add new capabilities to your websites. Examples include a complete file manager, corner ads, SEO power pack, and many more. You can find more about MWG Gizmos on this site.
  • MWG Exclusive Automatic Updates
    Based on Intellispire’s Joomla! Updater technology – ported for use with MWG. Whenever a new version is available, the software alerts you. Updating to the latest is version is as easy as a single click.
  • MWG Exclusive WordPress and Joomla! 1.0 Themes
    By using an innovative “compatibility” layer, you can choose your sites look and feel from among thousands of free and commercial WordPress and Joomla! 1.0/Mambo themes. While not all themes will work today, many do, and support is only getting better. Comes with a complete Theme manager.
  • Native MWG Themes
    Native MWG themes allow you to build out virtually any design you can imagine: flash, javascript, Web 2.0, whatever you need.
  • Create a master Title & Meta Description for your website
    You have complete control over the site title and meta description. For page-by-page control, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, you can add the Webmasters SEO Power Pack
  • Use as a free signup or paid site
    MWG can be used as a sales system to deliver your products, or a lead generation system to provide free giveaways and then offer upsells and add-ons.
  • Pre Built Front End Pages
    Front end pages include Home page, sign up / forgot password, F.A.Q, and terms of service. Customize each page and add as many as you need.
  • Profit Pulling OTOs
    Complete One Time Offer, One Time Offer Upsell, One Time Offer Backup (downsell) and One Time Offer Upsell backup (the “upsell downsell”). In addition, you can reset OTO’s as necessary, and send out marketing messages to those who did not take the offers. Reset One Time Offer for any member or global for site.
  • Unlimited Membership Levels and Products
    Have unlimited membership levels, and multiple price points for each membership level. Create unlimited number of products. Manage and create any number of membership levels and statuses. Set different prices and affiliate payouts membership
  • Unlimited Custom Login Messages
    Display a message when users login – based on on how long a user has been a member and what membership level they have attained.
  • Flexible and Customizeable Menu System
    Link to any resource, internal or external. Open links in a new window, re-order, and show pages to only specified user groups.
  • Unlimited Member Fields
    Add as many sign-up and profile fields as you need to collect and act on demographic information.
  • Flexible Signup Flow
    Paid Signup, thank-you-page, require an “activation” code or payment before registration, collect password up front or later in the process. Requiring a password at registration or signup reduces conversions considerably. Password can be chosen after registration process is complete. Random passwords is a great security measure.
  • Confirmed Opt In
    Stay compliant with confirmed-opt-in emails, and one click unsubscribe. Built in autoresponder and broadcast feature with unsubscribe from account feature. Or email any member right from members search.
  • Members Area Pages
    Built in features include account info, group mass mail (newsletter), affiliate stats, contests, affiliate tools, multi-level or single level affiliate program.
  • Affiliate Tracking and Mass Pay
    Pay your affiliates via PayPal Mass Pay.
  • Split Pay
    Allow your affiliates to be paid directly and instantly using the split-pay system. Note: Split-pay to be replaced with PayPal Adaptive Payments.
  • Affiliate Program with/ 2 custom JV levels
    Built in affiliate program with custom terms (levels and percentages and JV partners. New members detailed commission stats and affiliate stats for members. Can integrate with any multilevel traffic script for custom work. Offer JV partners a higher payout even have super JV levels. Members affiliate promotion tools section with affiliate link id’s built in for Tell-a-friend. Comprehensive Affiliate commission management for your commission plan. Includes paypal mass pay text file.
  • Unlimited Affiliate Promotional Tools
    Setup promotional tools and swipe copy for your affiliates, including: emails, safelist letters, ezine ads, articles, press release copy, blog review copy, banners graphic site images, etc. top sponsor ads,forum signatures, pop up code.
  • Complete Member Management
    Search your members by any standard field, Upgrade or down grade any member or members at the click of a button. Comprehensive members search, and quick sort and filter. With instant password retrieval, instant login and all account info and add member. Activate / Deactivate / Suspend/ Unsuspend or Delete any member
  • Ban Manager
    Ban signups based on name or IP. Great for stopping spam attacks!
  • Basic Help Desk
    Built in help desk.
  • Reporting
    Full transaction log with full details and IP. Activity Report shows who has logged in, when, and from which IP.
  • Content Management
    You can add new pages to your site right through Admin at any time.
  • Races and Contests
    Add Races or contests for your members at the click of a button.
  • Import and Export Members
    Import and Export Members
  • Basic Help Desk
    Built in help desk.
  • Twitter Tool
    Use this section for adding dynamic Twitter API that allows your affiliates to tweet random 1 time messages that you pre write to look natural on twitter while pulling their affiliate link and placing it in a (You have to check the “Use twitter promoting tool” setting, under general settings menu)
  • Multi-variable Split Tester
    You can add here text that will be cycled on your pages. You have to define what you will cycle on your pages and you will receive a tag to place on them. If you want good statistic with the factors that were in place at the time the make sure you place them on your sales page or your landing page where the members arrive and are sent to signup.
  • File Download Protection
    To protect your downloads from unwanted downloaders we can create a php files that downloads the file for the member while checking if he is logged in and has the proper membership. Another safety measure is that the filename that the member downloads can be made different then the real one.
  • Multiple Payment Processors
    Sell your items using ClickBank, PayPal, 2Checkout and Authorize.NET.

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