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Joomla! now has “shortcodes”!

WordPress has had “Shortcodes” – little snippets of text that expand to full programs on the page – for years.

This is one of those cool little features that I always wish Joomla! had.

And now … it does.

Introducing the first fully supported Joomla plugin that ads shortcode capability to the both Joomla! 1.5 and 2.5.

[snapshot url=”https://www.intellispire.com/web/articles/wordpress-shortcodes-for-joomla-news1.html” w=250] Click to View Examples Inside Joomla

For example, with the “youtube” shortcode, you can enter into your article the snippet: [youtube video=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0′] and – without ever dealing with “embed” code – which joomla may strip out – the video will just show up on your page.

But it gets even more powerful than just saving you time and headache.

As another example, take the “user” shortcode pack.

For years, I’ve been needing a simple way to present different information to users of my membership site who are logged in … and those who aren’t. A logged in user represents someone who is a premium member, while a logged in user is a guest.

In Joomla!, that’s been hard to do.

So I created a shortcode, that presents different text to logged in users vs. those not logged in. Take the example:

[usercontent loggedin=”true” default=”Please Reigister.”] This text is displayed only to LOGGED IN users! The words “Please Reigister” are displayed to users who are not logged in.

How cool is that? And there’s more. The user plugin can also display the users information, as in [user echo=”name”] displays their login name anywhere on the page, which is great for customizing the user’s experience.

There’s even more power here – you can read more about the user shortcode in my next post.

Works Like a Joomla Plugin

The shortcode plugin has a joomla interface. That means that shortcodes can be packaged as native Joomla plugins and can be installed directly from the extension manager. Shortcodes can be enabled / disabled directly from the plugin manager.

If you are an advanced user and need to add your own shortcodes (one you found for on the Internet meant for wordpress, for example), you can optionally edit the default_shortcode.php file, directly, like wordpress users do with functions.php.

The engine is designed to work under Joomla 1.5 and 2.5, while supporting 1.7 as well, and must be installed before an individual shortcode. Once the engine is installed, additional shortcodes can be installed and managed just like regular plugins.

The Shortcode Engine is available, with 5+ shortcodes, as from from the Extension Web Store

You can also install the Shortcode Engine using the the latest version of the xStaller

Shortcode Pack Includes

Look on this site for more about the types of shortcodes you can use right now with the Shortcode Pack, and if you create your own, please comment here to let me know about it!

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