xStaller Update – New Software, Refreshed Version




I’m pleased to announce that the software in the Intellispire xStaller has had a massive update. This includes a version update, new extensions, in-app purchases and a brand new feature for Joomla! … shortcodes!

All of these features make building and maintaining Joomla! based websites fun and exciting. Let’s look at the new features in detail…

Updated Software

New versions of the most popular software have been added to the system. These include:

  • Akeeba Backup System
  • Community Builder
  • VirtueMart
  • SOBI2
  • Joomfish
  • Phoca Download
  • Phoca Gallery
  • All Videos Reloaded
  • And More….

In addition, we’ve added New packages, including:

  • Shortcodes! (see below)
  • Adsmanager
  • Chronoforms
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Activity Feed
  • Facebook Activity Recomendations
  • Accordian Gallery
  • Google Translate
  • And more …

In App Purchase

Just like using any other App Store, once you find a commercial extension you like, simply click on the “Buy Now” button to purchase directly from the Add Software component. This makes finding and installing the products you want a snap!


Shortcodes are little snippets of text enclosed in brackets that “do something”. The are by far the easiest way to add interactivity and special features to your content. Blatently borrowed from WordPress, where Google lists over 80,000 pages talking about wordpress shortcodes, the system is now available for all Joomla! users.

I’ve added the core Shortcode Engine and default shortcode to the basic (free) version of the installer. Pro subscribers get the premium shortcodes, available using our famous “one click install” method.

Availabke Shortcodes include

  • Youtube Shortcode
  • Twitter Shortcode
  • User Shortcode
  • EmbedPDF Shortcode
  • Snapshot Shortcode

And more…

Shortcodes is one of those innovations that elicit responses such as … “Finally!”, and “why wasn’t that in the core?”. You’ll be finding that 100’s of shortcodes will be made for Joomla! in the coming years, just like they are available for WordPress and Drupal. Why not get a head start with this cool technology today?

Get Full Access to All Pro Features

Become one of 100’s of savvy webmasters who already run Pro on their websites. Here’s how:

  1. Install and activate the completely free installer
  2. When yo receive your network id, click here to upgrade to pro
  3. … you now have access to all Pro features, including all currently available shortcodes.

You can find out more about Intellispire’s Joomla! Shortcode Engine in the linked post.

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