WordPress 3.4 about to be released mid-June, 2012




According to the wordpress blog, wordpress 3.4 will be released shortly.

While in Nashville attending Wordcamp a few months ago, I heard some of the core developers speak. This version has two very interesting updates that I think are worth mentioning.

First, the ability to “preview” your site in different themes, combined with a built-in settings panel that theme designers can use to make a consistent U.I. for themes. No more having to learn how to manage each theme separately … assuming developers take advantage of the goodness.

Part of what makes preview work is the ability to load the site in a “hidden” iframe, then switching it “on”. So it feels blazingly fast. This is the same type of technology that we’ve been using in video games for years (called a frame buffer) … I never would have thought to apply it to the web. Brilliant.

And, as always, WordPress is backward compatible with previous versions.

I’ve tested the previous beta on another site, and everything just works.


The other feature is a rewrite of some of the core code to make it fetch less data from the database, and to better support cacheing. Combined with xcache or APC, this makes sites even faster. Unfortunately, most low-end hosting can’t take advantage of many of these improvements. If you want your WordPress site to scream, you may want to consider investing in some decent hosting services.

I’ve run my sites on Amazon EC2 for the last 4? 6? years, and it’s been great.

Speaking of Wordcamp, the Wordcamp Louisville is coming up in a few months … subscribe here to make sure you don’t miss the announcement.

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