Though Joomla does supply “patch” packages for upgrading, it’s relatively easy to create your very own patch with only the necessary changes, and not the full contents of each changed file.

You may want to do this, for instance, to see exactly what has changed between versions, or when you’ve made changes to core files to support custom business requirements.

Here’s how using the command line and svn.

This technique is for systems administrators and advanced users: if you aren’t comfortable with the command line, or you haven’t used the subversion tool, this method is probably not for you.

Before doing anything else, back up your site, then do a dry-run on a copy to make sure things are working for you.

First, using the Joomla! repository, create the patch. Here’s the command for updating from 1.5.22 to 1.5.23:

svn diff -x -u -x -w -x --ignore-eol-style http://joomlacode.org/svn/joomla/development/tags/1.5.x/1.5.22 http://joomlacode.org/svn/joomla/development/tags/1.5.x/1.5.23 > joomla-1.5.22-1.5.23.patch.txt

The svn username is “anonymous”, with a blank password.

It’s generally a good idea to view the patch.txt file to make sure what your applying makes sense.

Than, patch your system:

patch -p0 < joomla-1.5.22-1.5.23.patch.txt

You will probably find that some "Hunks" have failed, specifically in the installation/ directory, that you've do doubt removed. You'll need to clean the .rej (reject) files out of the way.

If anything you are actually using fails, you'll want to examine the .rejects and manually update those files.

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