Multiple Joomla! Landing Pages with AWeber Jomlink




A customer wrote:

I need a way for that script to register people in different aweber
mailing list based on the landing page they do to. So for example if
they see product A,  subscribe  would sign them up for
mailing group A. In they visit product B and click subscribe they
would sign up for mailing group B.

Here’s a solution:
The way you would set that up with AWeber Jomlink signup form:

  1. Create multiple AWeber lists
  2. Create a new FORM for each list. You need the meta_web_form_id and the unit fields
  3. Create a new AWeber Module per list: Joomla -> Extensions | Module Manager;Click New
  4. Choose JomLink AWeber Signup Form
  5. Enter the fields from the form, customize as necessary, including the module position
  6. In the menu assignment, select “Select Menu Item(s) from the List”
    choose the landing page(s) that you would like this particular form to appear on
  7. Save

Repeat for as many landing pages as you’d like.

Note this registers them for the AWeber list, it does not sign them up at the website.

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