We just uploaded MWG (based on Butterfly Software) 1.0.1 to the auto update system.  In addition to the previous changes, this version includes:

  • Cruft Removal: Stormpay has been defunct for years, so it was removed.
  • Updated extension API security functions
  • All admin templates have been moved out of the main templates directory, and into their own admin/templates folder. This facilitates upcoming rewrite of the administrator to increase ease-of-use
  • Bug #4 was closed
  • PHPMailer was introduced. ALL external mail now goes through this robust library. It is now possible to use SMTP and other mail sending options, as well as having more “correct” headers for email. Complete email updates require admin modifications and additional settings available in the upcoming in 1.1 release.

In addition, our first major commercial component, the filemanager, was released to Pro Pack subscribers.  This extension is exclusive to MWG 1.0.1 and greater, and is not compatible with any other Butterfly Software version.

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