I recently read a report describing the best web building systems.

While Joomla was still in the top 3, a disturbing decline in popularity was
shown over the past few years. Having built my business and my livelihood using and supporting Joomla!, this is a very disturbing trend for me.

As, indeed, it may be for you as well. But I’d like to get the facts … will you help me out?

I’ve created a short, 10 question survey that attempts to distill the facts.

By spending just a few minutes answering these questions, you can help us discover
what the truth behind these rumors really is.


In return for your time, I’ll not only post the results, but I’ll also send you a 20% discount code usable off of future purchases, and a link to the CMS Report I read that identified such a disturbing trend.

As always, I appreciate your support.

What do YOU think? Is Joomla! dead, or just in a lull? Comment below.

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