QR Codes

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Did you know that the Mobile Site Builder has a built-in QR Code generator?

That’s a great feature, but what can you with it?

Smart businesses are using QR codes to make their marketing more interactive by delivering instant coupons, bonuses and other mechanisms to promote customer loyalty and retention. Here are just a few ideas for you utilize QR codes in your marketing:

  • Browse a website URL
  • Watch a YouTube Video
  • Post to Twitter
  • Visit a Facebook page
  • Send discounts, rewards, coupons and special offers
  • Go to an iTunes link
  • Order via a paypal Buy Now link
  • Call a telephone number
  • Send/receive sms messages
  • Send an email
  • Subscribe to an autoresponder
  • Direct to a product page on a website
  • Submit contact details
  • Book an event
  • Wifi login (android)
  • Enter a google maps location
  • Receive any text message/instructions

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