How and When Segmenting your List is Golden




Many of us have just gotten used to going to our Email Marketing service and putting together our weekly or monthly, newsletter and then we send it out to our entire list.  You may be thinking, I am done now right?  I’ve been sending my messages out faithfully on a schedule and I am seeing that my subscribers/customers click or sometimes purchase my products/services.  That’s all there is right?

Wrong!  There is so much more you can do to engage your customers and reach them with a better response then you are getting now.  Segmenting or Filtering your list is one of the ways you can increase Customer Loyalty and Sales.

What does segmenting my list mean for me?

In short, segmenting is filtering or selecting only a portion of the  subscribers in your list, based on  specific criteria.  This could be anything from demographics to past behavior.

As you can imagine, this can be a very powerful tool, allowing you to target your subscribers in such a way that you are more likely to see a higher number of purchases or clicks then you have in the past not segmenting to your list.  Below are 5 ways that you can segment to your list effectively.

  • Segment/Target a Specific Demographic:   Highly useful, if you have services that you would like to offer but only in your local area, or you may want to target certain income levels or males  only, depending on the product or service you have to offer.

Don’t Panic! If you haven’t thought to collect any demo-graphical information from your subscribers or customers.  Most Email Marketing Systems, collect at least the ip address of all of your subscribers/customers.  Using the ip address as a locator, it can target some demographic information for you, such as locations.

  • Segment/Target Existing Customers-This group is a great way to increase revenue and reinforce your “brand” into their minds.  These are customers that have bought from you in the past and are very likely to purchase from you in the future.  If you are selling multiple products, or services, this is a great group to suggest additional products and services to, based on their previous purchases.
  • Segment/Target New Customers:- These are subscribers that are interested in your products or services, but haven’t yet made that first purchase.  This is a good group to offer limited discounts or special purchases to, or even a trial period for a service or product.  We all Know that once they try your amazing products/services they will definitely want more.  Right?
  • Promoting Specific Products:  This can be either new subscribers or existing customers that have purchased one item or many.  The idea here is to promote a specific product to a group that is most likely to be interested in that product.  So, if it is a complimentary product/service you would target those that had purchased a similar product/service.  If it is a intro service or product you would probably want to target subscribers who are new to your list or who haven’t purchased from you before.
  • Customer Loyalty: Again this is that group of existing customers, that you will this time, work to build their confidence in you and the brand.  Here are three suggestions to do just that:
    • offering incentives for feedback on your products and services.
    • ask for suggestions of things they would like to see you develop or offer
    • send them articles or ebooks of additional information they may find useful.

    We all like to feel like we are important.  So, let’s not forget all those wonderful loyal customers that helped us get to where we are.  After all, segmenting your list for increased sales and customer loyalty, really is Golden.

Bonus Information:

  • Eliminates the Need for Multiple Lists:  One of the coolest things I have found about segmenting is that it has drastically cut down on the number of different “lists” I need to maintain and send messages to.  You may find too, that having one list that can be segmenting for virtually everything you can imagine, may reduce the number of lists you feel you need too.
  • Allows your Advertisers to Target their Messages to your Customers easier:  As you may have come across before, many advertisers are starting to look more at targeting their advertising at specific groups.  Many use demo-graphical information.  If you allow advertising in your email campaigns or even on your websites, this is something to think about.  Most of the “Big Advertisers” are targeting their products and services, shouldn’t you be too?

Product Feature: Aweber

Aweber is inexpensive and relatively easy to use for basic email marketing, especially if you just plan on creating a form on your website without using advanced integration methods.  Aweber also has an easy to use segmenting system.  Learn more about Aweber here.

Happy Segmenting

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