As you may know, the Marketing Website Generator is a free and open source membership management system supported by Intellispire.

One real issue we face when supporting any software is that there are thousands of different hosting environments that people may want to use. Supporting and testing the software on each one is impractical, if not impossible.

That’s why we’ve named …

… Hostgator as our primary Certified Hosting provider.  As a customer on Hostgator, you can expect that the current version and all future versions of the software

While the software is pretty basic, requiring PHP, MySQL, Mail, Cron and a few other extensions, it can still be a challenge for some people to install. Further, it’s even more of a challenge for us to help people find problems with different hosting services.

Does that mean that the software runs only on Hostgator? No. Virtually any PHP-compatible host will work. It does mean we test each release on default Hostgator servers, and can provide standard ticket-based support on only certified systems.  We also consider “certifying” other hosts as well, though the process requires a strong commitment from the hosting company as well as from us.

If you are using a different host,  you can always check the  forum to see if the community can help out.

To get a discount, you can use this Hostgator Promotion Code: 31hostMWG75

We earn a referral commission that goes toward supporting the project, and you get a discount. That’s win-win!

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