Advanced Custom Fields is one of my absolute favorite WordPress plugins.

Recently updated to version 4, there has been some significant compatibility issues and site breakage due to the way it was distributed as an automatic upgrade from version 3.

Since we’ve been using ACF 3 in many plugins, including acf-lite, I needed a quick fix that didn’t involve updating all of our software to the new API’s right now.

You can now find the original ACF-3 and ACF-LITE plugins on git-hub, forked from the original repository and tagged appropriately.

While I do intend to make (hopefully backward-compatible) changes to my version,you’ll always be able to get to the 3.5.8 version from the github repository. This was done because the original repositories were cleared out before the update.

Instead, expect branches and tags.

If you need to maintain backward compatibility with current sites, this may be the way to go, as the original acf-3 code is no longer directly available from the original repositories. Please note that ACF-3 and ACF-4 most likely CANNOT co-exist on the same site.

Elliot @ is very responsive, and problems are being addressed, so I anticipate this a temporary issue while the version update gets sorted.

Advanced Custom Fields 4 is awesome, But for those of us dependent on ACF-3 to run our sites, downgrading may be the best option today.

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