Intellispire’s Aweber Plugin is developed to act as a bridge between WordPress and Aweber Email Marketing Solutions. If you have a Aweber account and Intellispire’s Aweber plugin installed, you are ready to start growing your list.

Intellispire’s Aweber Plugin creates a checked box on your registration form. Once the form is submitted, they are added to your WordPress user list and automatically added to your Aweber email list in the background. The simplified, flexible and seamless integration is just a few clicks away.

Following are some of the features of this must-have WordPress Plugin.

  • Smooth Integration between your Website and Aweber
  • Manage your mailing lists with ease
  • Automated Aweber subscription for existing and new users of your website
  • Instant, Ready-to-use Email Marketing in just few clicks.
  • Smooth integration with WordPress 3.5 and 3.51 website
  • On-time Delivery and Extensive Customer Support

Simple, Effective and Fast listbuilding using Aweber autoresponders and WordPress.

Hook Aweber up to your WordPress 3.5 and 3.51 website. When someone registers at your site, they are automatically added to your Aweber email list.

Intellispire’s Aweber Plugin is your 24 x 7 sales assistant. Equip your website with this plugin NOW.