Have you ever wanted to run your own office pool during the upcoming basketball tournament?

Until now, you’ve had two options: first, you could print out, manually fill out and score paper brackets. That’s what we did during high school, and I still remember helping to “score” the brackets every day for a week.

Or, you could send your friends and co-workers to one of the big sports site, create a group, and allow everyone to participate online. That’s actually kind of cool.

But you haven’t been able to build out your own site and run your own pool on your own site. At least, not until today.

I’m pleased to announce the availability of BracketPress … a plugin for WordPress that allows you to run you own Tournament pool this March on your very own website.

Not familiar with WordPress? We can build out a website for you, install and configure BracketPress, and even customize the template to match your own personal, team or business branding. contact us for a quote.

Click here to find out more about BracketPress.

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