Joomla AutoResponder Helper Component Updated




All Intellispire auto-responder modules for Joomla use an additional component, call the “AR Helper”. This component is used to handle what we call advanced mode, allowing your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list without leaving the page you were on.

A recent customer noticed a problem when using the Advanced Mode of the iContact Module for Joomla. It seems when using SEF (Search Engine Friendly URL’s), the link to the page was partially incorrect, causing all sorts of weird problems.

Based on his feedback, we’ve updated the ARHelper and have released the fix.

If you are running one of the following products, have (or plan to have) your website in “SEF” mode, and are experiencing problems with the joomla module, you should install the new ARHelper component.

Products are:

Joomla AWeber Signup Form
Joomla GetResponse Signup Form
Joomla iContact Signup Form

You can download the updated file here:

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