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The Intellispire Software Installer is currently being run by over 10875 people on 20857 websites - including this one!

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"the updater, this can really revolutionize joomla…become a must have component for other developers and users as well ..."
-- Debo

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Intellispire Software Installer

Now, install your Joomla! based extensions with one click!

The Joomla! Updater is an extension for Joomla! 1.5 that puts a simple "Add Software" menu item under Components.

Once activated, you can install a variety of Joomla! software with just a single click.

The old way: search the Internet for applications, creating accounts with 10's of different websites, downloading components, plugins, mambots, modules ... worrying about compatibility. Logging into your Joomla! site, uploading all the stuff you've just downloaded ... pretty soon an hour or two has gone by, and you're still not sure if the new functionality will work. What a wasted evening.

The new way: Using the Updater, select "Add Software" from the Components menu, browse for the functionality you want, and click "install". Done.

Setup Fast

The updater allows you to install complex Joomla! based packages (consisting of many different extensions) in just a few mouse clicks.

We Stand Behind Joomla!

You simply want your site to work. And we deliver.

Our extensive testing procedures make sure that the extensions installed through the updater not only work, but that they work with each other, too. No more going to obscure forums to track down problems, only to find finger pointing and no one to take responsibility.

If there is a known problem, we'll tell you about it ... before you install. That way you can choose whether to take the risk, or to wait for an updated solution.


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System Requirements

Most Intellispire Joomla! Software works with PHP 5.2/5.3 and Joomla 1.5+ (including 2.5) or Wordpress 3.2+. Software is unencoded and licensed under the GPL. Hosting is available.

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