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The Intellispire Software Installer is currently being run by over 10877 people on 20859 websites - including this one!

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What a great component. It was easy to install and I had several extensions at my fingertips in minutes...Truly a huge time saver. - Eric

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Manages your Joomla! Powered Website Quickly, Easily and Effectively

Now, install your Joomla! based extensions with one click!

The Joomla! XStaller (extension installer) from Intellispire is an extension for Joomla! 1.5 that puts a simple "Add Software" menu item under Components.

Once activated, you can install a variety of Joomla! software with just a single click.

Peace of Mind. The XStaller technology is all about saving time and staying secure. If you have someone else manage your website and you pay by the hour, then you'll appreciate the time and money saved, as well as all the extra features.

Simple. If your webmaster isn't available to update your site (not that would ever happen ...) it's simple enough - even for Joomla! beginners to do. This allows you, the site owner, to retain control over your website. The XStaller still updates Joomla 1.5 core with only a few clicks of the mouse.

Webmasters Save Time. What will you do with all the time you (or your webmaster) save by not doing the grunt work of installing components? If you manage your own sites ... or your client's sites ... then you know your time is valuable. Why waste it doing manual installs and upgrades?

Fast and Easy. With the Intellispire Software XStaller, a complex community site with a forum, instant messaging, Aweber integration and a host of other features can come up in less than half the time it would otherwise take.

Pro Members Get It First By the way, we have a LOT of components on the map for the next few weeks. Pro members get these, first ... and we always deliver the software you are asking for, first. So please, let us know the extensions you install most, and we will get them in, if we can.

Great Tool Saving time and money are great benefits, to be sure, however the bottom line is that this technology is just cool - and extremely "mouse friendly".

Take a look at all the extensions you can install from inside the Intellispire XStaller:

Feature Matrix Basic Pro

License Info: Each person is required to have their own license (isnid). You may use the Professional version on up to 10 sites you own. If you are a webmaster, each of your clients must have their own license. Please contact us for bulk discounts and reseller pricing.

Price FREE $9.97 monthly
Updates Core Joomla! 1.5
Priority Support
No Banners
1-Click Installs
Basic Extensions
Akeeba - Backup and Restore
JCE Content Editor
VirtueMart Shopping Cart
Google Maps
Content Versioning
eXtplorer - Joomla Explorer
Kunena Discussion Forum
DOCMan Document Management
Commenting Component
Polls and Surveys
Sales Page Template
Jamba - Joomla! Template
New! Joomla! Shortcodes
Wordpress Shortcode Engine for J!
Shortcode - Tweteme
Shortcode - Mailto Obfuscator
Shortcode - Embed PDF
Shortcode - Site Snapshot
Shortcode - User Content
Shortcode - Embed Youtube
Professional Extensions
Chrono Forms
Ads Manager
Phoca Download
Phoca Gallery
All Videos - Reloaded
Community Builder
Jumi - PHP Include System
K2 - Joomla! Content Management Extension
XMap - Google Sitemap Generator for Joomla!
jFinalizer - System Performance Tweaks
Export Content - Move Articles between Sites
Artio SEF URLs
Twitter Status Update
Second Life Vendor
Alpha Registration
sql 2 excel
Simple Image Gallery
6 Template Pack
Multilingual Localization Tools
Translation Tools
G Translate Module
20+ Accredited Language Packs
Too Much To List!
Many more ... View Additional Extensions
Frequent Premium Additions


Why Upgrade to Pro?

How much is your time worth? Shouldn't you have this tool that will save you loads of time and frustration in managing your site?

One of the best reasons to "go pro" is to be able to easily upgrade the core of Joomla! 1.5 whenever a new core release is made. And that is the tip of the iceburg.

The basic version is a great little product for quickly installing some of Joomla!'s most popular extensions. For the professional website builder, you're going to want more. The selection of Pro components is expanding rapidly.

Internationalization extensions - Joom!Fish and the core language packs - allow you to quickly create a non-English websites.

Plus, you get premium 1 on 1 support through our professionally staffed help desk.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a plethora of the best Joomla! extensions at your fingertips to play with - all taking very little time to install?

Kudos on a fantastic product and some of the best customer service! I have been using Joomla (and Mambo before Joomla) for almost 6 years and this is by far the most needed component for Joomla. While supporting 12 websites for non-profits in Columbus, Ohio (one with over 700 pages), this is going to easily save me 3-4 hours a week! - Chris G.

Order Now! - $9.97 monthly

When you order today you get:

  • The Software Installer for Joomla, Professional version plus license key good for up to 10 of your websites.
  • Your download is delivered immediately via email upon purchase - No waiting!

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System Requirements

Most Intellispire Joomla! Software works with PHP 5.2/5.3 and Joomla 1.5+ (including 2.5) or Wordpress 3.2+. Software is unencoded and licensed under the GPL. Hosting is available.

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