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Using Aweber Autoresponders with Joomla! for Direct Email Marketing


Aweber is by far one of the most popular direct email advertising autoresponders in use today. Starting at $19.95 per month, Aweber is inexpensive and relatively easy to use for basic email marketing, especially if you just plan on creating a form on your website without using advanced integration methods.

Experience has shown that they do a pretty good job of keeping their system clean and spam free, which benefits you by allowing your email to be delivered directly to your prospects inbox (rather than to the "Bulk" or "Spam" box).

Aweber Private Brands

In addition to, Aweber sells "private label" versions of its services to other marketers. For the most part, these services are identical to Aweber, with the private brand owner getting a greater affiliate commission than normal.

All Intellispire AWeber Joomla components (the plugins we sell) are fully compatible with all known Aweber private label sites, including: ProFollow, JVListPro, Asian Brain Followup, InfoBee, ListPing, EBI-Mail, SuretyMailings, ProSender, Unlimited Auto Responders, Turbo Auto Responders, Automate Your List, OptinZip, XMailPro and Razorr Connect.

Aweber has been busy selling private labels!

Hooking it Up

Intellispire provides a complete selection of products to hook your Joomla! 1.5 powered website up to Aweber responders, including the Joomla Aweber Plugin, the Joomla Aweber Signup Form Module.

New! The new AWeber Jomlink component combines the simplicity of the AWeber Plugin with the power of the AWeber Signup form, plus fully supports Community Builder and Jomsocial extended fields - all in one easy to install component.

Joomla Aweber Plugin

Hooking Aweber up with a Plugin simply means that when a user signs up to your Joomla powered website using the normal signup process, the system sends a notification to Aweber that also signs them up to your Aweber campaign. This is a simple and effective way to capture your users email address into your Aweber account. It is not something that your user will ever "see" (except for the confirmation email) - for that, you want the module.

Joomla Aweber Module

The module is simply a standard prospect signup form, like you see on the upper right of this page.

We have two flavors of signup form: normal, where your prospect is sent to another page after they submit the form, and advanced (like you see on this site) where your customer stays on the same page. Try it out to see how that works.

Aweber Video Tutorials

One tough part of learning to use any autoresponder service is ... learning to use the service. That's why we searched high and low for some additional documentation on how to setup Aweber. What we found is "Aweber Unleashed". This series teaches you just about everything you need to know to setup, use and profit with Aweber. At under $50 (at the time of this writing), it's a must have resource

Please Note: that all Intellispire products that work with Aweber also work with the various private brands available - just change the domain name where appropriate. If you don't see your private label listed, simply contact our support desk and we'll double check for you.

Aweber Products and Resources

  • Joomla Aweber Signup Form Puts an Aweber signup form on your Joomla! powered website so you can collect opt-in email addresses for your newsletter effortlessly.
  • Aweber Plugin for Joomla! ver. 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 Automatically registers your Joomla! signups with Aweber using the email parser.
  • Aweber Tutorial Videos (affil.)
    Inexpensive video tutorial series that shows you how to use Aweber to its fullest potential.
  • AWeber Jomlink your complete aweber solution! Aweber plugin and module solution for Joomla! with Extended Field support for Community Builder. includes AWeber Plugin, AWeber Signup Form, and the AWeber Video Series - plus the essential guide to email marketing.
  • Setup Aweber Email Parser Learn how to setup the Aweber Email Parser for use with Intellispire products.
  • Aweber Website(affil.) Find out more about Awebber auto responders
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