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JomLink for AWeber Documentation

Learn to setup JomLink for AWeber.

AWeber Setup

Login to your AWeber account and setup a new list.

Plugin Setup
  1. Select Extensions > Plugin Manager from the Joomla! Administrator.
  2. Locate and click on the AWeber Plugin (you may need to select "Display All" to see it in the list)
  3. Set "Enabled" to "Yes"
  4. Set the "Auto-responder Email" address to the address of your auto-responder, and your own email address.
    Example: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  5. Set the site name to the name of your site, or leave it blank if you use only one website with this list
  6. Click "Save"

Please Note: The additional setup fields are for informational purposes, you can ignore them for now.

You can then test the system by creating a new account on your website. An email will be sent to AWeber (and to you, if you've followed the above instructions). If configured correctly, AWeber will then add your subscriber to the list.


  • To function, Joomla! must be able to send mail. Make sure your server is sending mail, and it is not being blacklisted by any "spam cops", otherwise AWeber may not receive the mail.
  • Of you have email confirmation enabled in Joomla!, the notification to AWeber is not sent until the user has confirmed with your website. It's a good idea to let users know they will be receiving 2 confirmation emails: one from the website, and one from AWeber. They need to confirm with both links.
  • AWeber can be fast, or it can be slow. Usually, signups happen within 1-2 minutes, however sometimes it can take hours before the notification is processed by AWeber. Please be patient when testing.
  • Sometimes AWeber simply refuses to process certain notifications. If you think this may be happening, we suggest you setup the Email Parser, below, as that seems to help inform AWeber it needs to process mail for your account.


Normally, AWeber "just works". If you've followed the troubleshooting steps above, please contact and cannot get things to work, please contact Intellispire Support. In addition to helping you troubleshoot, paid setup services are also available.

Parser Setup (Optional)

Advanced users may want to setup the AWeber Email Parser. This tells AWeber how to "read" the notification message sent in order to extract the data.

This especially important if you want to have "custom" fields filled in, as well as when AWeber has trouble determining the name and email address of the signup due to your mail setup (for example, some ISP's rewrite the "From" address of all the mail sent). For more information, please see the AWeber Email Parser on the Intellispire site. Hint: You can use the "Request" field in the Plugin setup page to see what fields are being sent to AWeber.

If you are having trouble with AWeber not adding subscribers to your list, and you know your site is sending the messages, this is the first thing to try.

Module Setup

The Module displays an Aweber sign-up box anywhere a module can be displayed on your website, including within content. You can have as many modules as you like.

In standard mode, the form is placed within your web page, when someone clicks "submit", the browser takes them to aweber, then returns them to whatever page you have specified.

In Advanced mode, all this happens in a internal window called an "iframe". The advantage here is that your prospect never leaves your site and what they are doing is not interrupted.

To setup the AWeber Module:

  1. Create an AWeber Opt In form. You will use this data to setup the Module.
  2. With the code to the form available, select Extensions > Module Manager, then click on the "AWeber Signup Form".
    Hint: To setup a new module with different setup, click "New" then select "AWeber Signup Form"
  3. On the left, give it a title and make sure "Enabled" is Yes. On the Right, "Parameters":
  4. Teaser Text: Text above the signup form. HTML is allowed.
  5. Redirect: Enter the URL to the page you want the form to go to, after submission. Not used in Advanced (iframe) mode.
  6. action: The form action. The default is correct for However, if you use a "private label" such as JVListPro, you may need to change this. You can find the correct URL from the form you created in step #1
  7. meta_web_form_id: copy this value from the form you created in step #1
  8. unit: copy this value from the form you created in step #1
  9. meta_adtracking: (optional)copy this value from the form you created in step #1
  10. The rest of the fields can be left as default. Use these, for example, if you would like to say "First Name", instead of Name, change it here.
  11. Alter any other module parameters you would like, then click save.

In order to take advantage of advanced (iframe) mode, simply open up the Advanced Parameters tab, and select "Yes", run in iFrame. Then place the text you would like your users to see on return (HTML allowed). Note, in this case, the redirect paramater is ignored.

You have full control over the displayed form. Simply alter the iframe height and width if necessary (for advanced mode), or the complete form template in Layout Template. We suggest you leave the Layout Template alone unless you have special requirements and know exactly what you are doing

Advanced Techniques Comming Soon
  • Adding a Signup Box in your Content
  • Creating a "Squeeze Page" in Joomla!
  • Parsing Extended Fields
  • Module Setup, Advanced Mode
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Most Intellispire Joomla! Software works with PHP 5.2/5.3 and Joomla 1.5+ (including 2.5) or Wordpress 3.2+. Software is unencoded and licensed under the GPL. Hosting is available.

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